Did I Miss Something?

I just got an e-mail from the NIC announcing the following:

The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) is pleased to announce it will be restoring its historical affiliation with Interfraternity Councils (IFCs).  Given its unique position in the industry, the NIC has a responsibility and an opportunity to utilize its collective knowledge and experience to reconnect with IFCs in order to assist in their development of optimal operations and effective educational opportunities.  It is our hope that our efforts to raise each local fraternity community will collectively raise the global fraternity community. 
Our goal is to bolster the level of support and resources interfraternity leaders receive to advance the local fraternity community.  The NIC will provide increased staff, resources, and services to assist Interfraternity Councils in instituting optimal operations, officer competencies, and best practices.  At any host institution where two or more NIC Member Fraternities have established undergraduate chapters, an Interfraternity Council shall be established which will be chartered by the NIC.  An IFC will be composed of all undergraduate chapters of NIC Member Fraternities present at a host institution.

I seemed to have missed the part of the conversation between the NIC and campus advisors about how this would work, what the transition would look like, and how we can work through philosophical conflicts. (I went back and checked the AFA program book to see if I could find the session on this new relationship – not there!) I happen to think that portions of the NIC Standards are too one sided, and do not reflect a full understanding of issues on campus. In some cases, the Standards can be seen as “unfunded mandates” on a campus/community.

I am ready to welcome the NIC into a more active role with campus-based IFCs. However, I am not excited to simply have this dropped into my lap without a lot of discussion and work by ALL partners involved. I am only a couple of hours from the NIC HQ in Indy, invite me to a workshops so we can understand this process.


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