One Visitor Solely Responsible for Racial Incident at Cornell Sigma Pi

Yes, the sarcasm in the title is intentional!

A single male visitor to the Sigma Pi house at Cornell has admitted to throwing beer cans and yelling racial epithets from the rooftop deck at 2:30 in the morning on May 6th. After pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, he was fined $250 and banned from the Cornell campus. Apparently he accepted sole responsibility for the incident.

On the other hand, the report indicates that people gathered on the roof deck had been throwing stuff (bottles and cans) beginning in the early afternoon of May 5th. Apparently trying to hit a tree in the front yard. (I wonder if there was a prize for a successful toss.)

The chapter remains on an interim suspension status, and I hope that the staff at Cornell can get them to understand things like – being responsible for your guests; appropriate bystander behavior; and a realization that it is possible to stop people from throwing stuff off the deck.  I would feel much better about the resolution of this situation if the chapter members would recognize that they might have been part of the problem, and should be part of the solution.


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