The “Lax Bro” Archetype

An article by Jenifer B. McKim in the Business Section of Tuesday’s Boston Globe has set off a discussion of the “Lax Bro” archetype. While the article was ostensibly about increased business related to the sale of lacrosse gear and apparel, the article was really about trying to understand the Lax Bro culture/lifestyle/whatever.

I am not sure what to say about this article, and the articles posted below, but there are a few attempts to imply that the Lax Bro is a subset of the Frat Boy. I encourage you to read through the articles and share your thoughts. If I can make any meaning from this, I will post something myself.

Drew Magary from, and the staff at quickly jumped on board with dissections of the article.

Janelle Nanos, a blogger with Boston Magazine, provided her thoughts (and links to other articles of interest). One of her links is for a story at by former college and pro player Trevor Tierney about his struggles with the Lax culture, and his thoughts on the death of Yeardley Love.

If you are unfamiliar with the death of Yeardley Love, please read this article from the Baltimore Sun, and this article from Washington Magazine.

For many people, the first exposure to the Lax Bro culture came from the “Duke Lacrosse Case” (I know it is unfair to call it that, but would you know what I was talking about if I called it the “Mike Nifong Case?”) The most notable article on that culture comes from an article by Janet Reitman in Rolling Stone Magazine, “Sex and Scandal at Duke.” The original article is now behind a paywall in the RS Archives, but Janet Reitman has a copy posted to her personal website.


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