It Begins Again!

As we begin the 2012/13 academic year, there are a few traditional events. This includes lists that try to describe the campus experience, and a “truly futile and stupid” incident involving fraternity students.

The Mindset List – The list for the Class of 2016 is available as of Tuesday, August 21st. It is produced each year by a couple of faculty members from Beloit College. They also have provided a guide for using the Mindset List for teachers and counselors. I look forward to taking a closer look, and commenting on some of the items.

The Princeton Review Lists – West Virginia has managed to return to the top of the Princeton Review list of top party schools. That list, and several others, have been released this week at their website. It involves a simple registration to get to the lists. If you don’t want to go through the registration process, this article from has the full party school list.

And the winner for the stupidest move to start the school year goes to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Kappa Tau chapters at Miami (Ohio) University. The Dayton Daily news reports that an overnight “fireworks battle” between the houses set off a fire alarm in the SAE house. In addition, authorities found “a pretty significant amount of marijuana” at the scene (it is uncertain from the report if the marijuana came from one, or both, houses.) The best part of the story is why the authorities found the marijuana:

(Oxford Police Sgt. John) Varley said authorities might not have learned about the marijuana had it not been for a lack of cooperation from members of the two fraternities.

“All we wanted were the fireworks and the people who were shooting the fireworks … Because neither house cooperated, police obtained two search warrants, one for each house. The fire department also was on the scene.”



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