Additional Info about the Phi Kappa Tau v. Miami University $10 million Lawsuit

A story by The Dayton Daily News provides some additional information about the $10 million lawsuit filed against Miami University by Phi Kappa Tau. The story indicates that the suit included a request for “a temporary restraining order with the lawsuit asking Judge Susan Dlott to stop Miami from moving the sophomores out of their house.” The judge denied that request.

The “Above The Law” website has a post that (as might be expected) invokes “Animal House.” While the post appears to be mostly an attempt at humor and sarcasm, it does include a link to download the full packet of documents submitted with the lawsuit. This document indicates that the plaintiffs in the case include The Phi Kappa Tau Chapter House Association of Miami University (the corporation that owns and operates the facility), Alpha Chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau National Fraternity (the undergraduate chapter), and The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity (the National organization).

The suit indicates that damages will exceed $130,000 in 2012/13 through lost revenue by removing the second-year students. I am not sure why the $10,000,000 amount was used in connection with punitive damages (other than for getting people’s attention).

The lawsuit requests a jury trial. While a jury trial would be very interesting for those of us watching from the sidelines, we all know the likelihood of that happening slim to none.


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