Updates: Miami/Phi Tau; Lafayette/Chi Phi; FAMU; Fresno/Theta Chi

A few quick notes updating recent posts:

Phi Kappa Tau National Fraternity (and other local entities) have dropped the $10 million lawsuit that was filed last week against Miami University. It appears to me that the main purpose of the lawsuit was to get the Judge to issue a injunction that would allow the sophomore members who were forced to move into campus housing, to move back into the house. Once that failed, it must have made more sense to try to work in partnership with the University to solve the issues. (The lawsuit did reflect well on Phi Kappa Tau, as well.)

While the Judge in the Chi Phi v. Lafayette case indicated that a decision would be issued by the end of last week, it has not yet been delivered. The Chi Phi, Rho Chapter, Alumni Association website will likely have the most up-to-date information.

Florida A&M University has suspended the Torque Dance Team after allegations of hazing arose over the weekend. It is stunning that any FAMU student group would engage in any type of hazing activity in the current environment. Either that, or the culture of hazing is fully engrained into the campus. Either way, this demonstrates the enormous challenges faced by the leaders at FAMU over the next few years.

The Fresno Bee has posted an article covering the memorial service for Philip Dhanens, a pledge of Theta Chi who died over the weekend.


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