WTF Weekly Roundup: Geneseo, NC Central, Idaho, Harvard, Ball St.

On ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown each week, they do a feature called “C’mon Man” to highlight the stupid things that happen in the NFL each week. I like that concept, and I am going to attempt to do a WTF Weekly Roundup on the variety of things that end up in my mailbox, making me shake my head in disbelief. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own items to the comments.

The SUNY-Geneseo Volleyball team has been suspended, and eight team members (plus three others) have been charged with criminal hazing. Details of forced drinking, handcuffs, and injuries are in the story. (UpdateThe team’s season has been cancelled.)

The drum line from the North Carolina Central University Marching Band has been suspended pending a hazing investigation.

A member of Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Idaho was injured when he fell from the roof of his chapter house trying to get into his room through a window. Okay, that happens, but Idaho has had two other injuries from falls in the past year. And, the student newspaper reported (on the same day they reported the fall) that ATO had recently expelled 22 members for behavior related to an unsanctioned event in August, and had provided staff to work on rebuilding the chapter. The guy who fell was part of a group of 12 continuing members trying to rebuild. (UpdateOn Friday night, a member of Phi Kappa Tau at Washington State University fell from the third floor of the fraternity house while trying to get into a locked room. Washington State is located just over the state line from the University of Idaho, about ten miles.)

Harvard University is investigating a cheating scandal that involves 125 students.

Three members (plus one friend) of Zeta Phi Beta at Ball State University are facing two criminal charges of vandalism for damaging the car of a woman who had reported hazing concerns to campus officials in the Spring. (The vandalism took place in May, charges were just filed this week.) The reason they are facing two charges is that they initially vandalized the wrong car. When they realized that mistake, they went back to make sure they damaged the car they had targeted.


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2 Responses to WTF Weekly Roundup: Geneseo, NC Central, Idaho, Harvard, Ball St.

  1. tjbogar says:

    This stuff is pretty crazy! These posts help me to stay up to date and informed on how hazing affects other schools. I’m glad there have been no stories about EIU as of late, but I still want to do my part and help prevent stuff like this from happening here. I am doing a blog about anti-hazing for class and these examples are perfect reasons to start stepping out and speaking up against hazing. If there are any resources you could share to help me on my blog that would be much appreciated!

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