Some Great Reading for National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW)

With National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) being recognized around the country this week, I wanted to post a few links to some fantastic articles and blog posts that can be shared with students, advisors, friends, etc.

The Phi Delta Theta Fraternity blog has an amazing series of articles this week from some of the most respected names in the fraternal movement. I encourage you to read them all.

Last Friday, the Diane Rehm Show on NPR, devoted the full hour to a program titled, “The Dangers Of Hazing And What’s Being Done About It.”  Guest host Steve Roberts interviewed Hank Nuwer, Psychologist Susan Lipkins, Sara Lipka from the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Cornell University President Dr. David Skorton. You can listen to the program, or read the transcript, by going to the show’s website.

Dr. Gregory Parks, Assistant Professor of Law at Wake Forest, and writer and researcher on hazing issues in Black Greek-Lettered Organizations (BGLOs), has started writing for the Huffington Post. His first post on BGLO hazing, “Talkin’ ‘Bout Nothin’: Black Greek-letter Organizations and Hazing,” is posted today.


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