WTF Roundup: Tenn-Martin, Illinois St./Gamma Phi Beta, Texas/ATO, CMU/Club Hockey, etc.

Here on some short notes on things that popped up in my news feed this week:

Tennessee/Pi Kappa Alpha -While this has been discussed everywhere, I wanted to make sure you had the link to Joel McHale’s take on butt chugging from E! Network’s “The Soup” on Wednesday. Video from If you don’t want to watch the entire 10 minutes of the press conference (from YouTube), The Soup’s version gives you the highlights.

Tennessee-MartinAn article in The Pacer (student newspaper) have covered the ban on Tenn-Martin fraternities from participating in Homecoming activities this week. The ban was put in place late last week in response to incidents of vandalism and pranks between several chapters. Earlier this week the University lifted the ban, but the IFC still has rules in place to keep the ban active since the issues remain unresolved. Some chapters have decided to participate in Homecoming events, and other are honoring the IFC ban. It is pretty complicated, and doesn’t make much sense.

Illinois St./Gamma Phi has a story about a guest at a barn party sponsored by Gamma Phi Beta at Illinois State being injured by falling into a bonfire. It indicates that alcohol was a factor in the accident. The Bloomington Pantagraph covers the story with concerns about licensing and the farm/venue.

Texas/Alpha Tau OmegaThe Daily Texan has a story of plans for a party (since cancelled) by Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Texas. “For the ‘a border to cross’ event, the fraternity planned to build an obstacle in the middle of the party to represent the border between the U.S. and Mexico.” “I mean, we’re going to have a Mexican side and a Texas side, with Mexican-themed drinks and then Texas-themed drinks,” [the event organizaer] said. “We’re going to have a Mexican flag hanging up and kind of have a little party on the Mexican side. Then the band will be on the Texas side, and you can choose where you want to hang out, what kind of drink you want to get. That’s really the only reason we have that side.” He didn’t seem to pick up on why it might be offensive. also picked up on the story.

Central Michigan/Club HockeyThe Life student newspaper at Central Michigan reports that the Club Hockey team has been suspended for five-years for alcohol and hazing violations.

Zach Efron & Seth Rogen MovieZach Efron and Seth Rogen have signed a deal for a “frat house” comedy movie with Universal ( “Rogen plays a regular guy who lives near an ‘alpha male’ fraternity house. Efron is a member of the fraternity, whose raucous behavior wreaks havoc on the other guy’s family life.” There appear to be plenty of real-life examples playing out this year that would fit with this movie.

Policy Changes – On the positive side, The Stanford Daily and The Yale Daily News have stories on recent campus policies changes that have helped to impact, and improve, the campus safety culture. In particular, the Stanford change seems to have had an impact on behavior.


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