Roundup: NMU/TKE, Quinnipiac, Kennesaw/Delta Chi, Iowa/SAE Update, Cornell/Tri-Delta, UT-Martin Update, Southern Cal

For being the middle of the fall semester, it has been a surprisingly quiet week. These stories are not even worthy of the “WTF” moniker. I hope this is a good sign as new member/pledge program kick into gear. We will start with a couple of positive stories.

Northern Michigan/Tau Kappa EpsilonThe TKE chapter at Northern Michigan continued a 20-year tradition with their bath tub push across 170 miles of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (The North Wind). The proceeds benefited the Marquette Police Department K9 Unit.

QuinnipiacThe Quinnipiac IFC once again partnered with the campus Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Supporters (GLASS) to hold a “Fraternities Against the ‘F’ Word” event as part of National Coming Out Day this week (The Quinnipiac Chronicle). According to Adnan Babaic, the director of Public Relations for the Interfraternity Council, the IFC felt that National Coming Out Day would be a good day to hold the event because it will “emphasize how much our community, and Fraternities and Sororities at QU, are accepting and loving of all individuals – whether gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.”

Kennesaw State/Delta ChiThe Kennesaw Patch reports that Kennesaw State (GA) has suspended its Delta Chi chapter for an alleged hazing event in early September. The KSU student newspaper, The Sentinel, indicates that the alleged activities include “hazing, including servitude, alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation.” The chapter has appealed the decision, and the Delta Chi HQ is also investigating.

Iowa/SAE has an update on the decision by Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Board of Directors to close the chapter at the University of Iowa. The initial reports implied that the closure was connected to an alleged sexual assault at the chapter house. The story indicates that the decision to close was based on risk management and hazing allegations.

Cornell/Delta Delta DeltaTwo members of the Delta Delta Delta sorority admitted to vandalism at a performing arts center at Cornell University (The Cornell Daily Sun). The chapter’s leadership responded quickly to the incident. While it is unfortunate that these students acted this way, the chapter’s response is a good case study on how to appropriately handle this type of issue. Accept responsibility immediately, make restitution, hold your members accountable.

Tenn-Martin UpdateThe Pacer (student newspaper) has an update on individual students charged in one of the theft/vandalism cases at UT-Martin. The incidents resulted in limiting involvement among some chapters in Homecoming events last week. The story also indicates that “questions have arisen about the validity of the IFC policies cited by the Office of Greek Life in imposing the ban.” It also says “that Louis Ragsdale, coordinator of the Office of Greek Life, has been placed on administrative leave until the situation can be sorted out.” Something smells very fishy about this situation.

Southern California(The Daily Trojan) In mid-September, the IFC and Panhellenic Councils at USC voted to self-impose a three-week social probation on the community. The council presidents “wrote that the probation was self-imposed to avoid further sanctions from the university, which expressed concern about recent incidents.” Earlier this week, reported that the probation had expired. It is not clear what changes were made as a result of the probation.


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