Sigma Chi at Nebraska Suspended… Again

Only a few months after returning to their newly renovated chapter house, Sigma Chi at Nebraska has once again been suspended (Daily Nebraskan). In September of 2009, the chapter had been suspended for hazing and risk management concerns. That suspension was set for four years, but with an opportunity to appeal to return in two. It appears that they were approved to return during the past academic year. With a vacant house while under suspension, the alumni implemented a $2.6 million renovation project. With newly recruited members, the chapter house reopened over the summer.

A story from two weeks ago in the Daily Nebraskan outlined the process taken by the chapter to rebuild and return.

However, by the time that article had been published, an incident had already occurred that would lead to the latest suspension. “UNL police received a report of a possible sexual assault that occurred at the house on Aug. 31. While criminal charges will not be filed for sexual assault, investigators found that Sigma Chi had hosted an off-campus party prior to the reported sexual assault where alcohol had been served to minors.”

While a simple act of underage drinking usually does not lead to the removal of a chapter, this group had agreed to certain terms as part of their early return. “The fraternity was allowed to return to campus under the stipulation that it would be suspended indefinitely if it broke the UNL code of conduct, [Linda Schwartzkopf, Director of the Office of Greek Affairs] said.”

The suspension is indefinite, the members must move out of the house, and there is no word on what will happen to the facility, or when this chapter may be eligible to return.


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