Alabama Calls for an Immediate Halt to All IFC Fraternity Pledging

All links from the Crimson White, Alabama’s student newspaper.

Following the receipt of an anonymous e-mail, and numerous reports of hazing allegations among IFC fraternities, the University of Alabama has halted all “pledgeship” activities as of 1:00 pm today. Dr. Mark Nelson, University of Alabama Vice President for Student Affairs, issued a lengthy e-mail with information about the decision, and specific concerns involving a number of chapters.

“Assistant Dean of Students Lowell Davis announced the cancellation of University of Alabama fraternity pledgeship today at 12:30 p.m. in a meeting with Interfraternity Council fraternity presidents.” He was quoted as saying, “No hell week is to take place and, I quote, if hell week does take place, there will be hell to pay from the University of Alabama.” “Davis stated fraternities should begin initiation of new members as soon as possible.”

Update – Here are the notes posted by the Crimson White following the press conference held by Dr. Mark Nelson, VPSA, yesterday afternoon. This article also includes several comments by the DKE Rush Chairman, Jake Morrow. Morrow’s comments help to emphasize the massive cultural challenge facing the University. While denying that his chapter hazes, he embraces the value of hazing activities for his brotherhood.

The Crimson White had posted three editorials on concerns regarding hazing in the past two days:


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