Updates: Cornell/SAE, Amherst, Alabama, Binghamton, Princeton, Swarthmore

A few updates on stories we have already covered:

Cornell/Sigma Alpha Epsilon – If you recall from July, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Cornell was found guilty of hazing and other charges in the criminal trial related to the death of George Desdunes in 2011. Yesterday, the Judge sentenced the chapter to $12,000 in fines for these violations. Desdunes’ mother appeared in court for the sentencing, but (as during the trial) no one appeared on behalf of the SAE chapter. The chapter disbanded in 2011, and there is no corporate entity in existence to pay this fine. I wonder if this sentence will follow SAE should they ever try to reestablish a chapter at Cornell. (Added 10/26 – Story from the Cornell Daily Sun.)

Amherst College – The issues surrounding the sexist and degrading t-shirt produced by the TD fraternity have resulted in national attention, and widespread discussion on campus. The Amherst Student and AC Voice have some interesting articles. It is also very nice to see a campus with a balanced discussion, and a President who is on a first-name basis with the students, and engaged in the conversations.

Also, the National Fraternity of Theta Delta Chi has issued a statement clarifying that they are not connected to the group calling themselves TD Fraternity at Amherst.

Alabama – Widespread discussions on the role of fraternities and sororities is also continuing at Alabama following the stoppage of IFC “pledgeship” last week. The Crimson White (student newspaper) and al.com (blog) have posted several stories this week.

The Crimson White also has a very interesting story on Panhellenic sorority integration at Alabama. With one of the largest (if not the largest) Panhellenic sorority communities in the country, there are apparently less than a handful of African-American members. The article includes comments from the new University President, Guy Bailey.

SUNY – BinghamtonThe BU Pipe Dream has an article showing one of the initiatives being taken to address hazing concerns on campus. Dean of Students, April Thompson, held a seminar for all new members last weekend to cover hazing policies, and ways for students to share concerns. The Pipe Dream also had more information on the fraternity parties that were raided by local police on October 13th. Three students were arrested, including the BU IFC President.

PrincetonThe Daily Princetonian has a story on how fraternities are adjusting the new ban on freshman rush this year. If you recall, the University President, Shirley Tilghman, has made recruiting freshman (or allowing yourself to be recruited) a violation of the student code of conduct, and it may result in a one-year suspension from Princeton.

Swarthmore – There has been a lot of discussion following the decision to allow Kappa Alpha Theta to establish a chapter at Swarthmore, and now The Phoenix (student newspaper) has recently posted an article about the fraternities at the college.


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