MIsc. Stuff: Lafayette, EKU/Club Rugby, USF/SAE, Dartmouth, FAMU/FSU, K-State Haunted Fraternity

As we reach the end of the week, here are a few miscellaneous items:

Lafayette/Kappa Delta RhoThe Lafayette (student newspaper) has a story today connecting the death of Everett Glenn on “All College Day” in May to an unrecognized fraternity’s recruiting event. University “President Daniel H. Weiss confirmed Wednesday that freshman Everett Glenn was taking part in an underground recruiting event the morning of his death on All College Day. ‘There’s clear circumstantial evidence that Everett was participating in a recruiting event for an organization that had lost its charter a year ago, that’s KDR.” (Here is a link to the story posted at the time of the death.) “The National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho (KDR) revoked the charter of its Lafayette chapter in June 2011.”

Over the Summer, the Delta Upsilon chapter at Lafayette had its charter revoked due to a connection to the death of Glenn. That decision was overturned on appeal. (Both stories from The Lafayette.) Fraternity/Sorority life at Lafayette has been under a microscope for some time, and the community is currently being evaluated as part of a three-year study by the University.

Eastern Kentucky/Club RugbyThe Eastern Progress and Lexington Herald-Leader have stories on the suspension of the Club Rugby team and Eastern Kentucky University on allegations of hazing. Very few details are provided.

South Florida/Sigma Alpha EpsilonThe Oracle (student newspaper) is reporting that the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of South Florida is appealing a four-year suspension from hazing charges. “The incidents the chapter was found responsible for involved ‘the alleged use of exercise-type activities and verbal degradation of potential members as a means of testing knowledge about the chapter members, organization information, etc,’ University spokeswoman Lara Wade-Martinez said in an email to The Oracle.”

DartmouthThe Dartmouth has a staff editorial today on the dissonance between the recent crack-down on hazing in fraternities and sororities, and the tradition surrounding the annual Homecoming Bonfire. Here is another story on the concern surrounding Homecoming traditions.

  • “We fail to see how having the entire freshman class running in a crowd around a massive fire, while being surrounded by screaming upperclassmen and alumni, is somehow less a form of hazing than Greek house pledges wearing blue bows in their hair.”
  • “We call for the administration to put an end to this blatant hypocrisy and instead place the focus where it should have been all along — on the dangerous underground forms of hazing that both students and the administration know continues to occur.”

Also, if you are interested in the social scene in the fraternities/sororities around Dartmouth Homecoming, here is an article from The Dartmouth.

Florida A&M/Florida StateThe Tallahassee Democrat has a story on how the two local Universities are taking different approaches to campus hazing allegations.

Kansas State Haunted Fraternity – In honor of Halloween, here is a story from the K-State Collegian on a haunted fraternity house. The building was previously a hospital, and at least one of the former patients was not ready to leave.


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