Criminal Charges Filed in Jacksonville State/Alpha Phi Alpha Hazing Case

The Anniston Star is reporting that a grand jury has returned several indictments related to an off-campus hazing case at Jacksonville State in November 2011. While the district attorney would not name the organization or individuals, a previous statement by the university indicated that the hazing involved the Xi Xi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The University has removed the chapter from campus.

A separate civil lawsuit, filed in July, has also been filed by a former Alpha Phi Alpha pledge. That complaint says that, “fraternity members forced pledges to consume large quantities of alcohol, struck them with eggs and other flying objects and beat them for long periods of time with fists and paddles.” The article also indicates that the lawsuit states that, “when [the pledge] vomited blood the next day, active members of the fraternity chapter repeatedly told him that it was tomato sauce and discouraged him from seeking medical treatment. When he was taken to the hospital later that night, the complaint states, he was bleeding internally and his urine was black, his liver enlarged and kidneys functioning at 50 percent. He had to stay in the hospital for 24 days to recover from his injuries.”


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