Updates: Penn State, Cornell, Halloween

A few updates of interest:

Penn State(From Sara Ganim, The Patriot-News) The Pennsylvania Attorney General announced new charges today in the cover up and response by administrators at Penn State to the Jerry Sandusky incidents. For the first time those charged include former PSU President Graham Spanier. Spanier, along with former vice president Gary Schultz and former athletic director Tim Curley were charged with charges of conspiracy, obstruction, perjury and child endangerment (this link goes to the AG’s press release). Added on 11/2Deadspin.com has a very good summary of the latest charges.

This case is important as it shows the level of responsibility at the highest reaches of the institution to address concerns when they happen, and protect members and visitors in their community. The conspiracy charge is probably the piece worth watching closest, and most likely to impact higher education administration.

CornellThe Daily Sun has information about a report released by Cornell University indicating that 32 percent of fraternity and sorority members reporting that they had been hazed. While this number is still way too big, the results of the survey do indicate that Cornell’s hazing education is getting through to the students. They seem to have a greater level of awareness than many other campuses.

Halloween – With the decorations and costumes of Halloween each year, we get the stories of poor decisions related to cultural content.


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