C’mon Man: Purdue/Beta, Wash U/SigEp, Oregon State, BU/Sigma Chi, UNC

Our end-of-the-week wrap-up of new stories…

Purdue/Beta Theta PiThe General Fraternity (HQ) of Beta Theta Pi has announced the closing of their chapter at Purdue University (Journal and Courier). “Jeff Stefancic, Purdue’s Associate Dean of Students, said a complaint to the university and the national group led to findings of hazing and for making alcohol available to minors at social and new member education events this semester.” Current residents of the chapter house will need to vacate at the end of the semester.

While this article, and the fraternity’s announcement (yet to be posted), did not provide much detail, it is important to recognize that this chapter is historically important within Beta, and this type of decision would indicate serious concerns. John Wooden was a member of  Beta Theta Pi at Purdue.

Washington U./Sigma Phi EpsilonWashington University’s student newspaper, Student Life, reports that the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter on campus has been suspended. A closer read of the article indicates that this is an interim suspension pending the outcome of an investigation by the University and Sig Ep HQ.

Oregon StateThe Oregonian reports that a red-shirt football player at Oregon State was kicked off the football team, and arrested, for his role in a fight at a Theta Chi party last weekend. He apparently was asked to leave, pulled a knife, and started a fight.

Boston U./Sigma ChiBU Today reported last Friday that the University had placed the Sigma Chi chapter on interim suspension following concerns of hazing and alcohol abuse. Boston.com had additional information on Monday. This is the third major hazing incident at BU in 2012. Several members of Alpha Epsilon Pi were arrested in April, another incident involved Sigma Delta Tau in March.

North Carolina – As many of you who follow fraternities know, a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill died in an accident last weekend. He was in his last weekend as a pledge, so questions have been raised about what that role might have played in his death. Thus far, all reports indicate that it was an accident, with no connection to the chapter. If the investigation shows a connection, I will make sure to put up the information and links. In the meantime, you can learn more at The Daily Tar Heel.


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