C’mon Man: UC-Davis Prank, UCF/ATO, Cornell, Iowa, Oxford, Election Response

Friday miscellany:

UC-DavisCBS Sacramento has a report on 200 dead Goldfish being found on the front lawn of the Alpha Phi house at UC-Davis. It is being reported as a prank, but the story also indicates some vandalism at the same time. It also indicates that there have been several pranks on campus in the past week. Local police are investigating.

Central Florida/Alpha Tau Omega(news4jax.com) The Alpha Tau Omega chapter at the University of Central Florida has been placed on interim suspension pending an investigation into hazing allegations. What is particularly interesting about this incident is that the complaint was filed by Nationally-known anti-hazing speaker, David Stollman, on behalf of a UCF student. Stollman was contacted by the student after speaking on campus for National Hazing Prevention Week. UCF and ATO are investigating.

CornellThe Cornell Daily Sun is reporting that Acacia, Pi Kappa Phi and Tau Epsilon Phi have been placed on interim suspension following allegations “including hazing and high-risk drinking.” Cornell has received a lot of attention recently for concerns involving fraternity behavior. However, this is actually a great example of how they are taking all allegations seriously in their efforts to improve the culture on campus. They have a very talented and experienced staff, and their approach to all of these issues is worth watching.

Iowa – The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA) has been working through about 100 pages of e-mails that were provided by the University of Iowa following a Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to the closing of the SAE chapter earlier this fall. An article posted on November 2nd covers disputed opinions between the University and SAE regarding the behavior, and a second article posted on November 6th cover concerns by a University official about behavior within the community. The takeaway is that neither of these articles are all that newsworthy, and include e-mails that would have been thought to be private at the time. A good lesson for campus-based professionals (particularity at public institutions) is that all of your business correspondence (and everything on your work e-mail) is potentially open for public viewing.

OxfordThe Oxford Student is reporting on “frat culture” infiltrating the U.K. Worcester College (part of Oxford University) students are planning “an American-style ‘Frat Party’.” A “party organiser insisted that students are not planning a debauched rave.” And that “the main purpose of the party is to ‘simply enable American and British students to meet and embrace each others’ cultures, particularly in the light of the US elections this week’.”

Post-Election Reactions – On a more serious note, there were racially-charged protests on the campuses of the University of Mississippi and Hampden-Sydney College on Tuesday following the presidential election. Inside Higher Education has a good summary of the incidents and concerns. While this does not appear to be connected to the fraternity/sorority community, it is important that we take a close look at campus culture issues and how how communities can support positive interactions.


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