An Overview of the Death of Robert Champion at Florida A&M

It has been almost a year since the death of Robert Champion, and Ben Montgomery of the Tampa Bay Times has combed through all of the legal documents and statements to tell the story of what happened that day. It is worth reading.

Added on Nov. 13thHere is a column from Orlando Sentinel Sports Columnist, Shannon J. Owens. She reflects on some of the lessons learned a year following the death of Robert Champion. Some of her thoughts…

  • “Hazing exists in part because individuals continue to allow themselves to be hazed.”
  • “It takes incredible courage to rebuke social pressure and, in some cases, walk away. It might seem unfair to ask victims to do more.”
  • “But history has taught us that systems and cultures rarely change just because of laws. Things change when people change, and young people must participate.”
  • “But the truth is any one of Champion’s hazers could have been him. They all were likely victims of hazing at some point, too.”
  • “But we also need brave men and women to say “no” to a culture that promotes a misguided ideology of identity.”

It is a well thought-out, a well-written piece that is worth reading.

Added on Nov. 15 – In the run-up to this year’s Florida Classic, there have been several articles on the changes to the event, and anti-hazing measures at both schools. Here is an article from The Daytona Beach News Journal on how Bethune-Cookman University is using the death of Robert Champion as an educational opportunity.


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