Chico State Shuts Down All Fraternity & Sorority Activities

Update on MondayThe San Francisco Chronicle has posted an article with more information, and the reaction on campus. Also, The Daily Mail from the United Kingdom seems to have the best summary of the coverage of this story.

Late this afternoon, Chico State University President Paul Zingg  announced the immediate suspension of all fraternity and sorority activities for the rest of the semester, and into the Spring. (Stories from, and The Orion)

The suspension follows the death earlier today of Mason Sumnicht. He had been hospitalized for 11 days following an attempt to consume 21 shots on his 21st birthday, and he was taken off life support on Tuesday. He was identified as a pledge of Sigma Pi.

President Zingg had very strong words for an assembly of fraternity and sorority members in announcing the suspension. “He asked them whether each fraternity and sorority was following through on their stated missions.” “Have you read your charters?”

Vice President for Student Affairs Drew Calandrella indicated that chapters “will not be able to recruit or have any social gatherings until the spring semester. Each organization will be reinstated based on an assessment by the university. The organizations will also face changes in university policy when they return for the upcoming spring semester.”

“These are non-negotiable,” Calandrella said.

Chico State has had two pledge deaths since 2000. Here are the entries from Hank Nuwer’s list of hazing/pledge-related deaths:

Chico State University (California)
Pi Kappa Phi
Alcohol death
Pledge Adrian Heideman died after being encouraged to drink. Some members, including chapter officers, received a light jail sentence.

Chico State University (California)
Chi Tau (college-banned chapter)
Hazing death
Eight men were charged with crimes in the death of pledge Matthew Carrington, 21. Convictions included one felony count for a sentence of one year in prison.


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