Editorial Watch: Wash. U., Chico State, Iowa, Cornell

The goal of this blog is to curate news items related to the fraternity/sorority world, and this week brought several editorial/overview articles from campuses around the country. In each case, these commentaries are in reaction to significant events that have happened on campus.

Washington University (St. Louis) – There have been three  editorials posted by the Student Life newspaper this week. The first is a staff editorial titled, “Wash. U.’s big fat (mysterious) Greek crackdown.”  The same day brought a submitted commentary, “What is going on with our fraternities?”  And today’s issue brought a response from the IFC president, “On behalf of Wash. U.’s fraternity community.” This appears to be a healthy discussion following the closing of one chapter over the summer, and the investigation and interim suspension of another fraternity this fall. My opinion – The staff at Wash. U. is very experienced and highly regarded in the field, and these steps are simply evidence of growing pains. To answer the question of “what is going on with our fraternities?” – They are being pulled into the 21st Century and will be stronger in the long run.

Chico StateThe Orion (student newspaper) has an article on a student-run mock hazing trial at Chico State earlier this week. The death of Matt Carrington in 2005 brought a lot of attention to Chico and its fraternity community. It is nice to see that this type of education is continuing, and it is driven by students. Added Thursday evening – never mind. Read this…

IowaThe Press Citizen (local paper) has an interesting article on the variation in arrest rates between fraternity & sorority members as compared to the total undergraduate population at the University of Iowa. UI administrators are using this data as a tool to identify problems, and be proactive in solutions. It has also been incorporated into campus policies for these organizations.

Cornellcentralny.ynn.com has a story posted on the steps being taken by Cornell University to address hazing and behavioral concerns. Cornell has received a lot of attention recently for their efforts to address hazing on campus. They have the full support of the University’s President, and the stories of investigation and action show that an impact is being made in this area. Last week the University identified three chapters of concerns, and this week provided some details on an investigation of hazing involving Tau Epsilon Pi fraternity. Cornell’s commitment to solving this problem is impressive, although it may appear to be painful at times for the campus and community. The results will be worth it.


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