Northern Illinois Death is Hazing Related

Update on Nov. 27thThe Dekalb Daily Chronicle has areport indicating that local police dispute the Fox report linked below. However, it appears that the only dispute is related to the lack of a toxicology report confirming the cause of death. The story does also state the nature of the events of the evening of Bogenberger’s death. For the chapters involved, the nature of the hazing and alcohol abuse involved leads me to believe that investigations into chapter operations are happening, and that significant sanctions can be expected.

This Fox Chicago reports provides information on how the death of David Bogenberger was tied to a hazing tradition that reached beyond his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. As indicated, other chapters at NIU also held “mom’s night” events, and it looks like significant sorority involvement.

If this report is accurate, I think we can expect more chapter suspensions in the coming days. If any of these sororities had previously participated, or if any officers, or members, were aware of the nature of the event and did nothing to stop it, the likelihood of significant sanctions against those chapters is high. It also sounds like several other fraternities also participated in this “tradition.” I am guessing that there are several national organizations investigating at NIU.

It is interesting to contrast this to the steps taken at Chico State to suspend all fraternity/sorority activities. Based on the Fox Chicago article, I think this situation is a greater concern in that it indicates a serious cultural problem with a variety of chapters.

Here is the original story from when he died.

This makes four deaths connected to hazing/pledging in 2012. Hank Nuwer’s list of hazing/pledging deaths has been updated. This case also somewhat echos the death of Michael Starks at Utah State in 2008. That situation also involved sorority members providing alcohol to a fraternity pledge, leading to his death.


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