A Few New Items: Chico State, UT-Arlington, Chapter Closings, Trinity, #AFAAM

This post comes while I am attending the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting. There is a lot of great information being shared, but we still need to find opportunities within this venue to talk about current events. Here are a few items from this week.

Chico StateThe Orion has posted a long article covering the alcohol issues at Chico State, and the suspension of fraternities and sororities following the death of Mason Sumnicht. It is clear from this article that there is a major cultural issue in the community and on campus. However, I can’t find how the fraternity/sorority community is the primary problem. It is unclear how the suspension of that community will solve any of the problems. Chico State has had four alcohol deaths this year, this report only connects the most recent death to a fraternity.

Texas-Arlingtonthe First Amendment advocacy group, FIRE, has a very interesting story posted to their website on the First Amendment rights of fraternities under investigation. It is about concerns raised while the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at UTA was on interim suspension during an investigation, and the severe restrictions placed on members during that time. The one piece missing from the article is the viewpoint of the National organization during this period. Thanks to John Wesley Lowery for bringing this to my attention.

Chapter Closings – This week I have seen stories of fraternity chapter Closings at the following: SUNY-Binghamton, Alpha Chi Rho; Michigan, Zeta Beta Tau; and West Virginia, Phi Gamma Delta.

Trinity CollegeInside Higher Education has a story with background and reaction to recently announced proposed changes to campus life to address alcohol issues. The most visible change is a mandate for co-ed fraternities and sororities.


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  1. I personally think about the reason you titled this specific blog
    post, “A Few New Items: Chico State, UT-Arlington, Chapter Closings, Trinity,
    #AFAAM | Fraternal Squib”. In either case I actually appreciated
    it!Thank you-Nina

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