Updates: Trinity, Dayton/Sigma Chi, Cornell, Penn/Skulls

A few updates on stories we’ve previously discussed.

Trinity CollegeConcordiensis (the student newspaper of Union College) had quite a lot to say about the forced co-ed fraternity situation at Trinity, and most of it wasn’t nice. It appears that Fred Alford, current Dean of Students at Trinity, was formerly the Dean of Students at Union and pushed several very similar agendas through at that college. One unnamed commenter posted, “Trinity, I am so sorry the administration of Union College managed to escape the walls of our campus only to go on to ruin yours. You have my most sincere condolence.”

The Daily Campus (University of Connecticut) also chimed in with an editorial questioning the moves at Trinity. “The attack on Trinity college’s Greek life is an empty gesture at best, at least in terms of fixing the social order on campus, the main reason that it’s happening at all.” “Eliminating the normal way that Greek life works seems more like it is merely the illusion of fixing the problems on campus rather than an actual solution to them.”

University of Dayton/Sigma ChiFlyer News (UD’s student newspaper) has a report on the interim suspension for the Sigma Chi chapter following the damages caused at an Ohio gas station/convenience store by a traveling party last week. “Upon arriving at the scene, sheriff’s deputies interviewed subjects who were reportedly seen by witnesses and other deputies as yelling obscenities to customers, breaking items in the store, standing on parked cars and urinating on the floor. The subjects, who were identified as UD students, were also reported as climbing on gas pumps and exposing their genitals to customers. The report said that the male and female restrooms had urine all over the walls and floor, used condoms in the sink and urine all over unused toilet paper. There was also a beer cooler with a large amount of open alcoholic containers. Most of the students were reportedly intoxicated.”

CornellThe Cornell Sun reports on the announced changes to university policy and procedures to address alcohol, hazing and behavioral issues. This report comes following very strong statements by President Skorton on the need for significant cultural changes on campus. As many of you know, has been very quick and decisive in addressing concerns this year, and this report is just another step in that process.

University of Pennsylvania/Phi Kappa SigmaThe family of a young man who died of head injuries from a fall while visiting the Phi Kappa Sigma chapter at Penn on New Year’s Eve in 2010 has settled a lawsuit for in excess of $3 million (phillyburbs.com). The local and national organizations of Phi Kappa Sigma (aka Skulls) paid $3 million, a local beer store paid $375,000, and the University paid an undisclosed amount. There were concerns over the upkeep and safety of the house, the nature of the event, and the role of the University in monitoring the chapter. The local chapter was suspended by the PKS headquarters this fall, and all members removed from the house.


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