The Stupid and The Silly

As we have learned over the past few months, anything done that is stupid or silly within the fraternity and sorority world, can easily attract wide-spread media attention. Here are a few recent examples…

Chi Omega/Penn State – A picture taken at a party has gone viral and drawn significant national attention. It even made the Today Show this morning. has local coverage of the Mexican-themed party, and the ridiculous messages from one picture. Huffington Post, Gawker, the New York Daily News, and others also jumped on the story. A press release from the governing council of Chi Omega announced that they have placed the chapter on probation, and will be working to implement educational sanctions to address the issue. has a story about a “prank war” between the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Delta Tau Delta chapter on the Texas Christian campus. It manages to involve a dead opossum (really!) Oddly, the key to the story appears to be that the opossum was already dead when the SAE members found it.

“A fraternity member found a dead opossum behind a fraternity house and he threw it, another guy picked it up and then he threw it, and then at some point through all of the throwing around [the opossum] started leaking blood,” [TCU Police Chief] McGee said. “At some point somehow, opossum blood got smeared on a fraternity house’s outside door. The opossum wasn’t [killed], dismembered or anything like that.”

That’s “Not Frat at All”Huffington Post has jumped on a truly insignificant story from the University of South Carolina. A student who’s apartment caught fire (from a faulty surge protector) was interviewed by the local TV station described the fire as being “not frat at all.” The rest of his interview performance is also pretty funny. His Facebook page lists Beta Theta Pi as one of his activities.

Bradley/Sigma has a note about the Sigma Chi chapter from Bradley thinking that cutting down their Christmas tree from private property being a good idea. In case you didn’t know – chopping down a 25 to 30 foot pine tree from next to someone’s driveway is never a good idea. You will get caught, and the tree is too big for your house.

Miami Fireworks – As a follow up to a story from the beginning of the school year, Miami University has suspended recognition for both Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapters based on violations of “various sections of Miami’s Code of Student Conduct, including drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of fireworks and disorderly conduct” (Miami Student). Here is a link to the original item on this incident.


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