Miscellany: Ivy League, Arizona State, Kennesaw St./Delta Chi

Hopefully the need to post regularly will slow down over the semester/holiday break for the next few weeks. Until then, I will continue to follow the news, and post as needed.

This is my 100th post to this blog. It has proven to be a good habit for me, and over the past few months I have seen an increase in regular readers. Feel free to share this blog with others, and let me know who you are, and why you check in to the blog.

Ivy LeagueBusinessweek has an article posted this week on increased behavioral concerns on some Ivy League campuses. It covers a lot of territory at Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Princeton. The other Ivies are not mentioned. It is an interesting overview of problems plaguing all colleges. I guess because this is the Ivy League, it is worthy of greater attention. As a side note, the Cornell Daily Sun has posted a staff editorial in support of the proposed changes to address environmental issue on campus. Earlier this week, Cornell issued a report on proposed changes that will impact fraternities, sororities, and much of the Cornell student body.

Arizona State – On November 30th, an ASU freshman mysteriously disappeared after being kicked out of a dinner/party prior to the start of his initiation week as a pledge of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Once again, the UK’s Guardian has the best summary of the incident. His Mother indicates that the missing student had concerns about being hazed during his I-week, although nothing yet published indicates a connection to the fraternity. One of his shoes appears to have been found next to a local lake, but virtually nothing has been published to indicate what happened. This story has received widespread attention this week.

In other Arizona State news, The Arizona Republic has the story of a brawl between members of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Delta Kappa Epsilon at an off-campus apartment complex just prior to Thanksgiving. As reported, it describes the worst type of gang mentality infiltrating a fraternity. The story also goes on to talk about growing concerns about fraternity behavior as chapters were moved from on-campus properties over the past few years. KPHO.com has some additional details, and a video report.

Kennesaw State/Delta ChiKennesawpatch.com has some details from police reports related to a hazing incident involving Delta Chi from September. It states that the fraternity “allegedly blindfolded pledges, applied duct tape to them and forced them to consume alcohol for several hours at a time.”


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