Miscellany: Alpha Delta/Dartmouth, TEP/Cornell, Delta Sigma Theta/Cal Poly, Kappa Alpha Psi/Ark. Tech

With many schools still on semester break, it was a fairly quiet week for fraternity news.

Alpha Delta/DartmouthFrom The Dartmouth, the Alpha Delta Chapter at Dartmouth is facing two criminal charges for providing alcohol to minors. The charges come from two separate incidents in October 2012.

Tau Epsilon Phi/CornellFrom The Cornell Daily Sun, “The Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity will no longer be recognized by Cornell after two of the fraternity’s pledges were hospitalized in a “mentally scarring,” “sexually humiliating” hazing incident.”

Delta Sigma Theta/Cal Poly-PomonaAccording to The Poly Post, the Delta Sigma Theta chapter on campus “has been suspended until the end of 2015 for engaging in hazing activities.” The hazing issues involved “sleep deprivation, corporal punishment and the unauthorized collection of dues from individuals who were not yet members of the organization.”

Kappa Alpha Psi/Arkansas TechThe Courier has a report on four men pleading guilty to hazing as part of a plea agreement. The incident took place in April 2012 and involved a severe beating “as part of a hazing ritual.” “After the beating, [the student] was hospitalized and placed in a week-long medically-induced coma.” Two of the men pleading guilty were students at Central Arkansas.


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