Central Florida Shuts Down all Fraternity/Sorority Activity

Updates (3/13) – A couple of notes from recent days regarding this situation. The Sigma Chi chapter denied all allegations of hazing at a hearing last month. Documents connected to that hearing indicate that campus administrators referred to the chapter as “Meatheads.” The UCF campus newspaper, Knight News, filed a public records suit seeking information about the case, adn the shut down.

“In order to work with fraternity and sorority chapters on comprehensively addressing alcohol and hazing issues,” the University of Central Florida has stopped all activities by fraternities and sororities, effective immediately. The Orlando Sentinel has an article posted this afternoon.

The home page for Fraternity and Sorority Life at UCF has also been changed to an announcement and FAQ about the shut down.

UCF is currently investigating hazing allegations made against Sigma Chi based on pictures posted to TFM’s facebook page earlier this month. The University has forwarded information on that case to local police to consider criminal charges. Here is another story from the Orlando Sentinel.

The fraternity/sorority community is one of the fastest growing in the country (as is the University). The community received a great deal of attention in 2011 following the death of a new sorority member after drinking at fraternity parties (Knight-News).

Central Florida joins the University of Alabama, Chico State, SUNY-Albany, North Texas, and SUNY-Binghamton with recent shut downs of all, or part, of the fraternity/sorority experience.


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