Catching Up on Some Random Stuff… has a story on institutional-sanctioned hazing run amok at Bryn Mawr College. It appears that they have committees, rules and structure (all controlled by the college) for Freshman First-Year “Hell Week.” By the way, I wish we had thought of “wiffle beer” when I was in college.

Two Howard University students have filed charges against the University and it’s chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha under D.C.’s Human Rights Act. Initially this may sound frivolous, But if you look closer it may be something worth watching. Update (3/19)The judge hearing this case rejected a request for an injunction to stop the current Intake process for the chapter.

The IFC and Panhellenic at George Washington partnered with Allied in Pride to throw a fraternity drag show to raise money for The Trevor Project, which combats LGBT youth suicide. Eleven fraternity members performed. #onlyatgw

The Kappa Sigma brothers at Tulane followed up a drug bust at the chapter house, by trying to steal and discard copies of the student newspaper that covered the story.

While the closure of the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at Rutgers is not that newsworthy, the uproar over an article posted in the campus’ satirical newspaper, The Mediummade the news.

The General Fraternity of Beta Theta Pi has imposed sanctions on its Kansas chapter related to the Turkey incident at the end of the fall semester. I’m glad they cleared up the confusion over the appropriateness of live animals at fraternity functions.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at Wash. U. is under fire for activities by pledges related to racist activities as part of a scavenger hunt. They are using the excuse that the “overwhelming majority of the chapter did not participate in this incident.”

Pi Kappa Alpha pledges at Columbia University also had a scavenger hunt. Their list also made in onto the Internet.

University of Michigan Pi Kappa Alphas  literally wrapped themselves in the flag to promote a party. As you might expect, they took it too far. However, the national organization has figuratively wrapped itself in the flag, and lifted a short-term suspension, and imposed minimal sanctions… all in the name of freedom of expression. The Vision of Pi Kappa Alpha is that “Pi Kappa Alpha will set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement for our members, host institutions, and the communities in which we live.

Cornell University has placed three fraternities on interim suspension while investigating hazing allegations. Are the Cornell students not paying attention, the university is doing exactly what it said it would do over the past couple of years. It appears that some alumni are getting the message.


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