The Lawyers are getting involved…

There have been a few recent items that involve lawyers and legal thoughts. You might find them interesting.

Wabash/Phi Kappa PsiThe Indiana Lawyer has a story about a case that will be heard by the Indiana Supreme Court in April. The case is about a young man injured in a pledge activity. This civil case is described as “testing the reach of Indiana’s anti-hazing statute.” By reaching the highest appellate court in the state, this decision will be very useful in understanding how state hazing laws may be applied.

Central FloridaThe Knight News (student newspaper) reports that several national fraternities and sororities have challenged the legality of the ban on fraternity and sorority activities imposed earlier this year. They claim that the University overreached in stopping all chapter activities, and that the judicial process is inappropriate and unjust.

Fresno State/Theta has posted a piece discussing some of the legal issues surrounding the civil and criminal cases connected to the death of Phillip Dhanen in August 2012. These cases were just recently filed.

Northern Illinois/Pi Kappa AlphaThe Chicago Tribune has a story on the efforts of the lawyer for the family of David Bogenberger to get investigative information from local police and NIU as he prepares his civil lawsuit. NIU has indicated that it has completed the institutional judicial procedures for the students involved, but it cannot share those results due to student privacy laws.


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