Friday Miscellany: Sig Ep/Arizona State, Sig Ep/SMU, Psi Upsilon/Michigan, Young Harris College

A few items as I clean out my files on a Friday…

A member of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Arizona State is facing criminal charges after a young woman visiting campus for a college admissions event was burned during a party at the chapter house. The burns were caused when the Sig Ep member threw a bottle of vodka into a bonfire causing flames to jump out of the fire. (Daily Mail UK Online)

The Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at Southern Methodist University has been suspended for two years following an assault of a member of another campus fraternity in February ( Four members of the chapter are facing criminal charges including misdemeanor assault and unlawful restraint. The incident occurred after members of the other chapter spray-painted the front door of Sig Ep.

The Michigan Daily reports that the Psi Upsilon chapter on campus has been suspended and “is currently under further investigation for dangerous conduct with its pledges.” The suspension appears to be related to a pledge being taken to the hospital “after registering a lethally high blood alcohol content.” Thankfully someone got him to the hospital and he is recovering.

Courthouse News Service has an interesting story on a lawsuit about hazing, censorship, and unfair firing of staff members at Young Harris College in Georgia. I all revolves around a young woman pledging a local sorority, Gamma Psi. She was also a writer for the campus newspaper, and when she was not satisfied with the results following her complaints of hazing, sought to publish that information in the paper. Read the story for the details.


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