Miscellany: American/TKE, Rochester/Sigma Chi, Ohio U., UVA, IU/KD, UNL/Fiji, Ill St./Sig Ep, UNM/SAE, Tenn Tech, UCI/

A note -I have decided to not write about the viral e-mail from the Delta Gamma regarding Greek Week at Maryland, you can find all you want on the internet. I really don’t see much that is newsworthy in that story. I may revisit it as a public relations case study somewhere down the road.

Clearing out the files with recent miscellaneous items:

American University/Tau Kappa Epsilon – (all links from The Eagle) The TKE chapter at AU has been closed by the International fraternity as of yesterday afternoon. Earlier in the day, the paper had printed a long article with detailed information provided by by five former members. It indicates a pattern of hazing since the chapter’s founding in 2008. The Eagle also has a staff editorial condemning the behavior. There is also a link to the Student Press Law Center about the theft and destruction of virtually all print copies of The Eagle on the day the article was printed.

Univ. of Rochester/Sigma Chi – The Campus Times has a story on the investigation of the Sigma Chi chapter at Rochester for hazing. It is particularly interesting to read about the approach taken by Campus Security in this investigation.

Ohio U.The Athens Messenger has a story about a fight between two fraternity members that resulted in a stabbing. “According to Blackburn (county prosecutor), on Feb. 23, [a member of Pi Kappa Alpha] and a member of Sigma Pi were involved in a “heated discussion” inside a Court Street bar, the argument possibly being over Pi Kappa Alpha’s suspension for marijuana use. Blackburn said the parties left the bar and the argument continued until they reached Courtside Pizza. There, Blackburn alleges, the argument became physical and “multiple” people came outside from the bar. At that point, [Sigma Pi member] allegedly used the bottle to stab [Pike member].” The Sigma Pi is pleading innocent.

University of Virginia – (The Daily Cavalier) The Student Council at UVA has passed a “Resolution to Condemn Recent Fraternity Hazing Incidents Bill.” The bill “… encourages all stakeholders to develop solutions to prevent hazing at the University of Virginia that do not infringe on student self-governance or hinder the internal activities of the Greek organizations not under reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.” Most recently, the Kappa Alpha Order chapter has been suspended pending a hazing investigation.

Indiana University/Kappa DeltaJezebel.com has a post on the widely reported “homeless party” held by Kappa Delta at Indiana University.

Nebraska-Lincoln/Fiji – The Lincoln Journal Star reports that a 21 year old student has sustained significant injuries from a three-story fall at the Phi Gamma Delta chapter. 20 years ago, a pledge also fell three stories at the same chapter house, and ended up with a nearly half million dollar settlement.

Illinois State/Sigma Phi Epsilon – (pantagraph.com) The National board of Sigma Phi Epsilon has closed their chapter at Illinois State. “In a statement, the board said the ISU chapter had ‘violated previous sanctions and expectations established by both the fraternity’ and ISU.”

New Mexico/Sigma Alpha EpsilonKRGE.com has a long story on repeated issues with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at New Mexico. “Right now this organization is on an emergency suspension which means we deactivated their existence on campus,” said Associate Vice President of Student Life for UNM Walter Miller.

Tennessee Tech – A dispute between members of Sigma Kappa and Tau Kappa Epsilon resulted in the Kappa Sigma trying to set a car on fire in front of the TKE house. “One witness told of seeing a young man get out of a gray Ford Ranger and putting a flaming paper into the gas lid of a vehicle.” The attempted arson failed.

California-Irvine/Lambda Theta Deltanbclosangeles.com has a story on the uproar caused by a video posted showing fraternity members in blackface performing Justin Timberlake. The UCI Daily Pilot has the reaction from campus.


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