Updates: Youngstown St/Kappa Alpha Psi; Penn State/Omega Essence; William & Mary/Lambda Chi Alpha; Univ. of Florida

Catching up on some past stories:

(Youngstown Vindicator) One of nine men charged with hazing of two Kappa Alpha Psi pledges at Youngstown State in early 2012 has plead guilty to charges of felony inciting to violence and misdemeanor assault. The hazing is described as being significantly physical abuse, and one of the pledges was hospitalized during the process. The remaining eight men charged, aged 21 to 32, are awaiting trials.

(Centre Daily Times) A member of Omega Psi Phi at Penn State had a mixed result from his trial related to hazing charges in connection with an “Omega Essence” little sisters group in 2012. He was “was acquitted Monday on misdemeanor charges of simple assault and conspiracy to commit simple assault…, however, was found guilty on two summary counts of harassment.” Two women still face charges in the case. According to the District Attorney the Omega member “encouraged and directed the hazing, calling himself the ‘dean,’ while [the two women] were mainly responsible for physically assaulting [the victim].” The three were arrested last August.

The Virginia Gazette has an article with detailed information around the hazing by the Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter at the College of William & Mary that resulted in the chapter being shut down in April. It is rather shocking to see the depth of hazing activity involved on a campus that is well known for very active efforts to combat hazing.

The Gainesville Sun has a long article on the impact of new alcohol policies at the University of Florida. 16 fraternity/sorority chapter have been sanctioned, and transports to the hospital for alcohol concern shave doubled. This is an interesting case study on the impact of enhanced enforcement and a medical amnesty policy. This looks to be a positive step in addressing concerns at UF.


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