Interesting Reads: Georgetown, Bowdoin, Swarthmore, Iowa, Kentucky

A few interesting articles from the past few weeks:

The Georgetown Voice has an article on the history of Greek Life at Georgetown University. While fraternities and sororities are not recognized on campus, there are a couple of NIC member fraternities with chapters, and several students are members of city-wide or multi-campus chapters of NPHC organizations. This article is a very interesting historical review.

Bowdoin College is in the midst of a campus discussion on hazing following concerns about how the campus responded to two sports team hazing issues during the past academic year (The Bowdoin Orient). Students are questioning the definition of hazing used on campus, and the severity of recent sanctions. Bowdoin eliminated fraternities in 2000 and established a co-ed house system.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story on the efforts of a group of women to establish a chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta at Swarthmore College this past year. The story covers the significant resistance from a portion of the student body, and the process used to overcome those issues. (Access to the Chronicle may require a subscription.)

Fraternity and Sorority members at the University of Iowa are fighting a housing density ordinance in Iowa City (Iowa City Patch). They are seeking an exemption from a new rule that would require 900 square feet of space per resident, and treat chapter houses like apartment buildings.

Kentucky Forward has an article on the anti-hazing efforts happening at the University of Kentucky.


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