Miscellany: Virginia State, Va Tech/Sig Ep, New Mexico/SAE, ATO Foundation

Checking in on recent news…

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that two of the four men charged with hazing in the deaths of two Virginia State students seeking membership in “Men of Honor,” have also been charged with involuntary manslaughter. I would expect that charged to be added to the others as they appear in court. All four are scheduled to be in court on June 30th.

(Roanoke.com) The Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter at Virginia Tech has been closed by the national fraternity after a semester of serious concerns while on probation for a series of problems. Collegiate Times has a report on previous sanctions by the university. WSLS.com indicates that it has reviewed documents outlining the problems within the chapter. The chapter had only recently moved into a new $5.1 million chapter house that was co-financed by Va Tech and Sig Ep alumni. The national organization plans to reorganize the chapter and return to the house at an appropriate time. The current issue of the Sig Ep Journal has an interesting article on the recent decision to close the chapter at Florida (page 42). The decision at Florida and Virginia Tech show the level of commitment of Sigma Phi Epsilon to ensure that the men who join are able to truly live the values of the fraternity. While closing a chapter is painful, this should actually strengthen the fraternity in the long run.

KASA.com has an article on the closing of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of New Mexico. The most recent incident involved underage drinking and an alleged rape at a party on April 1st. The chapter was already under suspension by UNM at the time of the party. KRGE.com also has a story about the father of a woman who had allegedly been raped at the same chapter house ten years ago.

WBIW.com has a story on a former staff member of the Alpha Tau Omega Foundation being sentenced after being found guilty of theft of over $200,000 from the foundation.


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