Miscellany: Delta Sigma Theta/Haiti School; Pi Kappa Phi/Journey of Hope; UChicago/Phi Delta Theta; Cal Poly SLO; Jacksonville St/Alpha Phi Alpha; Cal Poly Pomona/Sigma Nu; UVA/Zeta Psi

Before we get to the stories of a questionable nature, a shout out to two organization doing big things in an impressive manner:

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of their founding, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has funded an elementary school in Haiti (Amsterdam News). The school in Chérette “was rebuilt with bigger classrooms and new technologies that will promote a ‘hands-on global service learning experience.’ There will also be unlimited access to fresh, clean water to meet the needs of the 300 students who attend the school.”

Throughout the Summer you can expect to see several stories on Pi Kappa Phi‘s Journey of Hope. Three teams, with over 100 Pi Kapp brothers, will bicycle across the country to raise over $500,000 “to spread a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities.” KNDU.com has a story on a stop early in the trip for the Northern Team.

Now for a few updates and stories that we have come to expect:

Chicagoist.com has a story/editorial about a racist prank played on a local mail man at the Phi Delta Theta house at the University of Chicago. As part of an on-line request, the mail man had delivered 79 large postal boxes to the chapter house that were labelled with an offensive name. The chapter president claimed it was a prank by another chapter. Postal authorities are investigating.

The Tribune reports that Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo fraternities and sororities have agreed to enhanced oversight by the campus administration. This will require “them to register parties, adopt new alcohol policies and participate in programs on alcohol safety, anti-hazing and sexual assault awareness.” “The changes come after a number of alcohol-related incidents over the past 11 years that led to the deaths of two students and the suspension or elimination of several chapters from the campus, and brought negative attention to the university.”

The court proceedings related to a 2011 hazing incident involving Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. at Jacksonville State have come to a conclusion. The Anniston Star reports that the remaining criminal charges have been closed with plea deals involving a total of 15 men. Earlier this month, the parties in the civil lawsuit agreed to resolve that case through binding arbitration.

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that the Sigma Nu chapter at Cal Poly-Pomona has been suspended for hazing. The hazing is described as “underage drinking, provision of alcohol to minors and coerced activities.”

Gawker.com has a story on a hazing incident involving Zeta Psi at the University of Virginia from 2011. It reports on an article in the Journal of Emergency Medicine on the response to a sodium overdose from consuming a quart of soy sauce that resulted in a three-day coma. The article is titled, “Survival of Acute Hypernatremia Due to Massive Soy Sauce Ingestion.” The chapter was closed at the time, but has since returned to campus.


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