Updates: Arizona State/SAE, UChicago/Phi Delta Theta, Wesleyan/Beta Theta Pi, Calumet/Kappa Alpha Psi

A few notes…

Arizona State has revoked recognition for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter on campus (AZCentral.com). This follows two very high profile incidents during the recent academic year. In November, a 19-year old pledge disappeared from a chapter party, and was found dead two weeks later; and in May, a 20-year old member was dropped at the hospital after a tequila party to celebrate the end of the semester. The chapter had been suspended by ASU in February through the end of 2013, and the story indicates that membership had dropped from 117 to 23 in the course of the academic year.

The Chicago Maroon (student newspaper) has a detailed story around the issues connected to the allegedly racial mail man prank last week. A large number of mailing boxes were delivered to the Phi Delta Theta house at the University of Chicago and the name on the packages was seen as offensive by pretty much everyone. The story has some dispute over what happened, although it appears to be a prank on the chapter from someone else. This is by far the most detailed article on this situation.

(Huffington Post) Legal maneuvering in the civil lawsuit involving a young woman who was allegedly raped while attending a party at the Beta Theta Pi house at Wesleyan University in 2010 are continuing. Lawyers for the chapter are requesting that the victims anonymity be lifted in order to allow them to fully defend their clients. This case is one of many addressed by a Business Insider article titled, “Colleges Have Been Way Too Soft On Sex Crimes.”

The insurance company for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. is seeking to protect itself in a civil case connected to a hazing incident involving students at Calumet College of St. Joseph from 2012 (Hammond News). It appears that the hazing took place at an off-campus site and involved the use of paddles leading to a brain injury. The incident took place at the home of a man who claimed to be a member, but the fraternity says was never a member.


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