NIU/PKA Update: New Info in Bogenberger Civil Case

The Dekalb Daily Chronicle has a story with information from the updated lawsuit filing connected to the death of David Bogenberger during a “Mom’s and Dad’s” night event at the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter house at Northern Illinois University.

The article also provides a link to read or download the full text of the filing. In addition to the National fraternity and the local chapter, the lawsuit names 44 individuals, including 16 women participating as “Mom’s.”

The listing of “Statement of Facts” in the lawsuit provides a detailed timeline of the events leading to Bogenberger’s death as alleged by the plaintiffs. It is a very disturbing listing of events indicating that the primary purpose of the event was to intoxicate the pledges to the point of passing out and vomiting. While Bogenberger died with a .351 BAC, it also appears that all of the pledges were put in a very dangerous situation. From the article:

“Each pledge consumed three to five four-ounce glasses of vodka in each of seven rooms of the house within about 90 minutes, the lawsuit alleges. The organizers then took the pledges, who by that time weren’t able to walk on their own, to the basement, where they received T-shirts and paddles, as well as buckets decorated by the “Greek moms,” to be used to get sick in. Many pledges were sick that night, the complaint states.

As they lost consciousness, the pledges were placed on makeshift beds in the kitchen and hallway floors, or in their “Greek dads’ ” rooms, the lawsuit alleges. About 11 p.m. Nov. 1, a fraternity officer sent a mass text message to fraternity members ordering them to delete photographs and videos of pledges who were unconscious.”

The next scheduled court date is September 18th.


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