Squib is a term used in journalism to describe a short news item (often filler). We are using it as a term describe short summaries of current events, with links to the original source articles. Similar to sites like Lifehacker or Gawker, we want to curate the news for items of particular interest to those of us who work with fraternities and sororities, either on-campus, at a headquarters, or as a volunteer.

Our secondary goal is to provide a place for conversation about these current events. We want to encourage your comments, thoughts and advice on the topics we post, and others that you post.

Let me know what you think.


Dean Harwood, a long-time campus professional working with fraternities and sororities


One Response to About

  1. The petition going around the Trinity College community may be of interest to your readers: https://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-proposed-changes-to-trinity
    Trinity has recently passed a new social policy that appears to be designed to kill fraternities off through imposing rules that they cannot meet. Things like no selectivity and mandatory co-ed status, and 50-50 gender parity by 2016.

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