2012 Wrap Up

Here are the top stories/current events/situations impacting the fraternity/sorority world in 2012: (Updated 12/14/2012)

Hazing/Pledging Deaths

I am working on a series of post to summarize the major issue/incidents/events of 2012. I will put links to those blog posts on this page as they are written.

You can expect the items listed below to be incorporated into those posts.

2) The aftermath of the death of George Desdunes, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon from Cornell University. His death has triggered a call from the Cornell President to end pledging on campus, resulted in the closing of two fraternity chapters, and been linked to a number of efforts to address pledging in other institutions.

4) The “Culture of Hazing” among IFC fraternities at Alabama, and the early ending of fall semester pledging. (As well as all of the discussion and activities to come.)

5) The response by Dartmouth College to the stories of significant hazing on campus by Andrew Lohse, a former student and member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. His allegations of hazing, and being hazed, have been picked up by media outlets around the world.

6) The civil trial at Lafayette by Chi Phi Fraternity seeking to return to campus, and re-taking control of their chapter house. This trial gets to the relationship between the fraernity and the host institution.

7) The on-going impact of the Jerry Sandusky charges and trial at Penn State. While this has nothing to do with hazing or fraternities/sororities, it is important to understand the workings of a college campus regarding the steps taken to protect its members, and what happens when those steps are skipped.

8) The “Omega Essence” hazing case at Penn State. This situation involved members of a graduate chapter (alumni) hazing little sisters, on behalf on a unrecognized fraternity. While it involved Penn State students, none of the “organizations” involved are recognized, and in the case of the little sister group, expressly prohibited by National policies.

9) The pledging shut-down at SUNY-Binghamton. The institution stopped all pledging and initiation activities in the middle of the Spring semester for unspecified reasons.

10) Butt chugging at the Pi Kappa Alpha house at Tennessee. The incident that put a Pike member in the hospital with a BAC over.44 is not as notable as the aftermath, and nationwide media attention that was drawn to this story.

We expect this list to change throughout the year as new incidents occur.


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