Updates: Miami/SAE & Phi Tau, Binghamton, Vermont/Sig Ep, Dartmouth

A few updates from over the weekend…

Miami/Sigma Alpha Epsilon & Phi Kappa TauCincinnati.com reports that six members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and one member of Phi Kappa Tau have been charged criminally as a result of the search related to the “fireworks battle” in August. In addition, the Miami Student reports that the Oxford Fire Department has issued 31 citations to both chapters and individual residents for “fireworks and fire code offenses.”

BinghamtonWICZ.com has a story on the reaction of SUNY-Binghamton fraternity & sorority members to last week’s article in The New York Times. Students held an anti-hazing rally last Thursday in response to the article. The New York Times also has posted some of the letters they received in response to article.

Vermont/Sigma Phi EpsilonWCAX.com has a report that indicates that the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at Vermont was not responsible for an electronic survey that made its way around campus last fall, one of the questions asked “who would you like to rape.” The survey was tied to the chapter by one of the recipients, and lead to a major uproar on campus. The chapter was subsequently closed by the International fraternity. The chapter’s response to the survey and uproar likely played a role in that closure, although it is apparent that there were several others concerns with the group. The Burlington Free Press has a story about campus plans to address sexual violence and campus culture issues that arose around the incident.

DartmouthKatie Wheeler, a columnist for The Dartmouth newspaper, has an interesting take on the Homecoming bonfire tradition at Dartmouth, and how it relates to the campus culture around hazing.


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